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Why Naymit?

In many regions of the world, navigation devices only locate a fraction of buildings by their street address.

This causes visitors to get lost and costs businesses money.

Naymit helps you solve that problem. It enables you to make any place findable.

What can I do with Naymit?

Naymit is an app (web and Android) which lets you mark, share and find exact locations.

Mark & Name

You mark the location and give it a unique place name you choose yourself. You also add extra information and photos.

Spread the word

Tell the name, print or write it on paper and share it online.


Now anyone who knows the place name can find the exact spot quickly.

What kinds of places do I add to Naymit?

Naymit is particularly useful for homes, small businesses, holiday houses, food stalls, outdoor meeting points, camping sites, picnic places, hiking spots and other locations which are usually hard to find or do not have a functioning address.

How will my place look on Naymit?

The complete place information will display in a clear form, regardless of your visitor's device:

See real examples: WayraDE, SmartDip, sisan-beach, PicnicTom

How is Naymit different from other apps?

You may have tried the rest. Here is what makes us the best:

  • Naymit lets you share locations using custom place names. As a single word, the place name is easy to communicate and more memorable than a conventional address, long written instructions or GPS coordinates.
  • Naymit's bottom-up approach ensures the location is exact. You always get to the right spot because it was marked by a person who knows it well.
  • Naymit lets you make any place findable. The place name can point to a building, an outdoor venue, a nature site or another location with or without an address.

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